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Dublin dirt mattress - 05.10.02
submitter: Mika and Tom
location:Dublin, Ireland
This mattress has been at the end of the block where our office is for a week. It's a relative newcomer to our neighborhood, which is Portobello in Dublin. I wouldn't sleep on it.
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 04.10.07
what hapÍned? Only 2 submisions, and bang! Lost in space, or is it the office?

paul (London) commented on 11.03.05
A little concerned about the addition of human limbs, maybe a serial mattress.

Nigel Wilson commented on 08.08.03
This is the first mattress I have seen who can use a computer. Maybe it is surfing for mattress porn ? But from the looks of it it is into bondage and got too excited and destroyed the monitor.