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A rainy day on highway 3 - 08.20.04
submitter: Lindsay
location:Faribault, Minnesota
It was pouring rain, so I made my brother get out to point and I took the picture from inside the car. That's why it's kind of hard to see. The rain reduced it to the lumpy mass you see.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 02.10.13
ni 4936, no 4941, ostill in pairs, 309 missing on this superb mdM

wim commented on 01.21.09
he looks as if he is singing in the rain

Lindsay commented on 09.11.04
Bored, Justin? (Or should I say, Justinn?)

Justin commented on 09.04.04
Also known as JDog

Justin commented on 09.04.04
I know , my spelling sucks

Justin commented on 09.04.04
Hey, I didn't volluntere Lindsay, You made me!!!!

Lindsay commented on 08.28.04
I didn't want my camera to get wet! Besides, he wanted to.

noel commented on 08.25.04
'it was pouring rain, so i made my brother get out'??????

Lindsay commented on 08.24.04
Ha ha.

DVD Dan commented on 08.23.04
You shouldn't talk like that about your brother.