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Bonanza - 05.01.02
submitter: Rebecca
location:Sacramento, CA
Here on the mean streets of Sacramento, furniture abuse has been refined to an art form. These people are not kidding around!
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 04.10.07
doesn't it bother you? commented on 05.05.02
Hey, why do you think this stuff is out on the street? This is prime pickings! commented on 05.04.02
OK, something has to be said here. For moths I've been considering how the occurrences of streetmattresses might be some kind of sociological indicator. For example, a highly affluent, consumerist, throwaway society would clearly have more streetmattresses, whereas in other societies even the most delapidated streetmattresses may be snapped up by needy people so quickly that sightings could be quite rare. Seeing the submissions in this showcase entitled Bonanza, Greusome and Contorted makes me wonder, what kind of society could produce such horrors? commented on 05.02.02
I wonder what this poor mattress did to deserve such treatment? Looks like it was beaten with a hose before its demise.