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Serengeti - 09.07.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:Stockton, CA
I drove over the Sierras and back, and after being awed by glorious lakes and mountains, I was navigating my way through the wilds of south Stockton and spotted this wild Thompson's Mattress. I had to creep up on it very carefully to avoid startling it...then, in a burst of blinding speed, I snatched my picture and leaped back in my car before its comrads could gather round and beat me with hamburgers.
category:Mats on da Move


DVD Dan commented on 10.03.05
Rebecca I didn't html the first either. If the url is long enough to mess up Adam's layout he makes it a link.

Smart Set commented on 10.02.05
The pipeline backlog seems to be diminishing rapidly.

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
Omigawd, No! Thank goodness it's not me who has to carry that tragedy on my conscience.

Chaf commented on 10.02.05
Rebbeca, you crushed a women with a tomato truck?

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
I miss Tikifish, Frank, Pablo and Rotten Scalyfish!

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
How come you were able to do html in the last one and not this one?

DVD Dan commented on 10.02.05
Yes the wayback machine is rather busted. Here's a poignant frontpage:

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
If you go to my showcase, you see mattresses from the town of Keyes. That was a fruitful day, although overshadowed by death and desolation. The death was the poor woman who was crushed by a tomato truck, and the desolation was in my heart. Interestingly, the wayback machine seems slightly broken, because if you go to the next page you get my current showcase page #2.

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
That was really not that long ago. Check out farther back, in the REALLy wayback days!

Salinger commented on 10.02.05
That's when the pace of life was slow, and the 'pipeline' didn't exist..

noel commented on 10.02.05
it was easy to keep up way back then

Smart Set commented on 10.02.05
Oddly enough, when you click on his name he has 21 matts.

Smart Set commented on 10.02.05
That's a great link, Dan - Vogon3 just 5 matts old and Smart Set not even a twinkle in my eye.

wim commented on 10.02.05
Byusiness as usual, working on a sundaymorning in the office, glad to be back, I missed us all. Hurray for your #700, you keep far ahead

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
Ah yes, that was back in the good old smiting days.

DVD Dan commented on 10.02.05
that should have read "Be(for)e" boy 2 beers and I kant speech.

DVD Dan commented on 10.02.05
Yes I do. A few months for this: link

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
Thanks, BTW. Remember when 400 was a really big deal?

Rebecca commented on 10.02.05
We are in a flurry of mattresses. I can hardly keep up!

DVD Dan commented on 10.02.05
Glad you made it, I was getting lonely in here. Unfortunately I've found a bigger flat in the 8's and will be moving soon.

Smart Set commented on 10.02.05
Congratulations on your #700! Onwards and upwards...