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Nowhere - 09.20.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:Somewhere near Buttonwillow, CA
Everybody knows this is nowhere.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 06.12.11
places deserve the names they have and change into other destinations

Rebecca commented on 10.11.05
Great name, terrible place.

Smart Set commented on 10.11.05
I like the name Buttonwillow. If I ever get a pet I shall call it Buttonwillow.

Rebecca commented on 10.04.05
She got a goon in her sty.

DVD Dan commented on 10.04.05
You got it Itchy Roman.

Rebecca commented on 10.04.05
'cuz I'm already scowling, stompin' round.

DVD Dan commented on 10.04.05
I know that song: I got a cruel greasy feeling, and I know you won't let me down.

Rebecca commented on 10.04.05
Unlike I-5, which is cruel and greasy.

Rebecca commented on 10.04.05
Every time I think about back home, it's cool and breezy...

Smart Set commented on 10.04.05
I think I'd like to go back home and take it easy...