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Curve - 09.24.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:Santa Cruz, CA
I think I'm over the top of the learning curve with my new camera phone. I first saw this mattress on the hillside and came back for it - thought it was gone but then saw it had jumped into bed.
category:Dumpster Divers


Smart Set commented on 02.19.11
Where does she say anything about leaning backward?

wim commented on 02.19.11
leaning backward? no wonder you stopped submitting

§ commented on 10.11.05
You paid whaaaat for it?! I know where you can get that model for just ‰¶‡ø.¿§.

Rebecca commented on 10.07.05
Yes, that's why I have this phone and why I paid x@#!& $$ for it...if it hadn't been for streetmattress none of it probably would have happened.

Smart Set commented on 10.07.05
The quality's very good for a camera phone.