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Ghost Mattress - 08.21.01
submitter: The Minister
location:6th Ave & 11th St, Brooklyn, NY
This shot and the next(And then there was one), were taken an hour apart and came out double exposed with the photos of my friends civil service. When we were passing by again,we notcied that one of the mattresses was missing. The elusive ghost mattress.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


DVD Dan commented on 01.13.07
This reminds me of an accidental double exposure of Mrs DVDDan when we were visiting the Hearst Castle. landofdan dot com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=9&pos=153

wim commented on 01.11.07
wrong ass commented on 02.13.02
Is that a minister, or is it Oldie from the Conan O'Brien show? Was he called to exorcise the spirit of the haunting Matress Queen of the Damned that haunts your house? commented on 08.21.01
The minister is staring directly at my girlfriends ass. Wrong minister.