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498 Peep - 10.26.05
submitter: DVD Dan
location:Detroit, Michigan
Another wayward matt from Motor city.
category:Find The Mattress


wim commented on 02.08.11
a one matt collection? boy that is special!

DVD Dan commented on 10.28.05
I was trolling for some easy matts maybe two years ago and found these on some newspaper site. I think they had an abandoned building of the week or something feature. When I first submitted one A/N rejected it because they were too small (image). Never occurred to me to enlarge it as that would reduce the quality of the image and that would be a sin. Then last week Adam rejected a submission because he couldn't spot the mattress. Well I re-cropped it and the matt was still a bit small (enormous compared to some of Vogon's) so I cropped some more then had to enlarge it. It still looked good, especially compared to some of the camera phones so here is my collection of Motor City matts.

Smart Set commented on 10.27.05
Where are you getting these Motor City Matts from, Dan?