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Snagger - 10.30.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:Santa Cruz, CA
I've spotted the notorious Mattress Snagger and I have to say he looks nothing like what I expected. He doesn't do a very good job of parking, either. But he's definitely got a thing for ol' pillowtop.
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 05.12.13
dial 001.159.798 to get connected to the 537-538

wim commented on 02.02.11
at that very point he just dropped his cover and said : hello, my name is adam

Rebecca commented on 11.02.05
No, that would have blown my cover. Better to let him think I was a harmless Audio Communicator and retreat with my picture, undetected. I love my camera phone.

Smart Set commented on 11.02.05
And at that point you had to take him out, right?

Rebecca commented on 11.02.05
The very moment after this picture was taken, he actually reached out and touched the top of the matress, testing it for pillowyness. Then, an unexpected development: he turned to me and asked, "Is this yours?"

Smart Set commented on 11.02.05
Fiendishly clever! What happened next?

Rebecca commented on 11.02.05
Yes, I activated my sidecranial monitoring devices and listened in while he sought direction from "Honey" at HQ.

Smart Set commented on 11.02.05
Really? You were able to monitor his transmission?

Rebecca commented on 11.02.05
Yes, code name "Honey."

Smart Set commented on 11.02.05
I wonder if he's on the blower to MSHQ.