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Mattress against war - 03.17.03
submitter: Therese Lung
location:Union Square, New York City, 3-16-03
Street Mattress participates in International candlelight vigil for peace
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 06.07.08
could this be A and N?

AngerMuffin commented on 03.13.04
make love, not war although i think someone did both on this mattress. the stain looks mannish.

yo gurl,snoopy commented on 01.04.04
wow. ewww. funny!

the mattress commented on 05.21.03
No need to turn your back, look at the big stain, i am used to.

MichiganGirl commented on 05.21.03
even the guy in the red has enough sense to turn his back when peeing while a mattress is in sight

SPax FaTman commented on 05.08.03

Pau Eterna ? R.I.P. commented on 04.08.03
No more war, nie wieder Krieg, aturem la guerra, nooit meer oorlog, plus jamais de guerre, no a la guerra, não a guerra?

Milton commented on 04.05.03
Peace has her victories
No less renowned than war.
ex: Sonnets to Cromwell

Venus de Milo commented on 03.31.03
The family de Milo is very proud about this young member of the family.

Jarhead The Destroyer commented on 03.31.03
This matress must be a Democrat.

Rambo commented on 03.28.03
If you imagine the stain and a bit of the sandy background cut out, it looks like images of explosions in the middle of the desert we see on television. Maybe that's the way they make those special effects on the ministry of Information.

Tootles McWaggles commented on 03.27.03
This is a good example of the burnt marshmallow vaiety of matress.

zoe commented on 03.26.03
this mattress rocks^..^

Frank commented on 03.25.03
Too much mushrums is bad for mental health.

Mrshrums commented on 03.24.03

Brothers Grimm commented on 03.23.03
May all the soldiers from the world sleep for one hundred years, untill a beautiful princess or prince wake them up with a warm kiss.

Mich commented on 03.22.03
best way for peace !!! Sleeping ;-))

Einstein commented on 03.21.03
Whatever be the problem, violence, private or state owned, never is the solution.

Pablo commented on 03.20.03
Great message, excellent stain.

regan commented on 03.19.03
the blue and white stickers are advertising a rally saturday march 22nd, near times square in new york city.

Freedom of opinion commented on 03.19.03
If streetmattresses can… shop, hitchike, wear condoms, provoke, be used and abused, hang out, suffer, have friends and build nests, why wouldn't they be able to have an opinion?

Kevin37uk commented on 03.19.03
If the mattress is against the war does htis mean it has a political opinion? Also what are those blue and white stickers you guys are wearing?

ChristineL commented on 03.18.03
The big hideous stain in the middle is a bit distracting, but the message comes across, nonetheless.

Frank commented on 03.17.03
We like you so much more making love than making war. You cannot imagine how happy this mattress makes me.