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Questionable... - 06.03.03
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Bellingham, Wa, USA
This one had me confused for an instant after I saw it out of the corner of my eye...
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 09.02.08
I new I read it somewhere, but I forgor, just let me remember 1818, la trahison des images

René Magritte commented on 06.06.03
Know I am growing old, dear Alzheimer, the title of my was "La trahison des images" (The Treachery of Images). You can find them anywhere on the web.

René Magritte commented on 06.06.03
Don't forget my famous picture ?ceci n'est pas une pipe? (This ain't a pipe) on which I painted a pipe. Generations of art historians have discussed wheter or not it was a pipe. My answer was: ?try to smoke with it, you'll see?. Don't forget I am a Belgian artist, the absurd kingdom of absurdity, the kind of kingdom you even don't find in American fairy tales. I must concede, here, form the great beyond, that I love your absurd website.
R.M. (1898-1967)

Rebecca commented on 06.06.03
I think it's funny - I've been looking to see if I could find something similar myself.

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 06.06.03
Here we go's meant to be funny...use your imagination...HAHAHAHAHA funny...squares.

René Magritte commented on 06.06.03
Ceci n'est pas un matelas!

Tom Salinger commented on 06.05.03
I think that this one should be disallowed as it is only a picture of a mattress on the side of a van