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Fireside - 07.05.03
submitter: Rebecca
location:near Centralia, WA
Mats on the freeway seem to sense my presence and begin evasive manouvers soon after being spotted. I don't know why they are so reluctant to being photographed. This one swerved away to the left, just ahead of a small roadside fire.
category:Mats on da Move


Rebecca commented on 07.19.03
Actually I'm not that bad, really! This guy was hitting the brakes because of the fire up ahead. Or at least that's what I thought....

ChristineL commented on 07.19.03
Oh Rebecca--your Californian attitude is showing! Of course we hit the brakes as soon as you approach from behind. Your type scare us. We are frightened by your lack of freeway fear. You know the day you were in WA, I was leaving for Vegas and confronting your type for days. I am now on medication for that experience.

Rebecca commented on 07.07.03
Well this was in Washington...Oregon and Washington have far slower freeways than California, which is still not as fast as Europe but 90 is a normal speed. Yes, it was lucky for me, since they keep hitting the brakes as soon as I get behind them.

wim commented on 07.07.03
lucky for you Rebecca, americans have to drive very slow, in Belgium speeding starts at 132km/h wich is more or less 90mph