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Roadblock - 07.11.03
submitter: Rebecca
location:Santa Cruz, CA
I had higher hopes for my 200th submission...this cumbersome item almost made me late to work. Ah, the mundanity of it all....
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 11.17.08
they never are , boring I mean

Yeah, commented on 07.16.03
But where is the mattress on this pic? I don't like that much mats on da move, they're so f… boring.

Rebecca commented on 07.15.03
Maybe I can get a chicken finger puppet.

tikifish commented on 07.15.03
I think we're going to have to make this more difficult for you, Rebecca - give you a handicap. How about from now on, all your pictures of mattresses have to have a chicken in them. That should slow you down a bit!

ChristineL commented on 07.15.03
Congrats on 200, Rebecca! You're simply amazing!