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Under the 'Stares' - 08.20.03
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Kendall, WA, USA
Hiding from the prying eyes of passersby lies this set, queen size.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 01.18.09
12% MdM is very good

Rebecca commented on 08.22.03
You know, it looks like christmas too, with presents under the stairs.

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 08.22.03 feels like christmas day!

Adam commented on 08.21.03
Right you are Rotten, mat de milo upgrade on both.

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 08.21.03
The compliment is much appreciated...I still can't manage to make the "de Milo" list, however. I thought "Latenight Visitor" was a shoe-in...

Frank commented on 08.21.03
I like the composition and the harmony of colours, dear Rotten!