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Roadside Futon - 01.12.02
submitter: Timbo
location:Doraville, Georgia
Almost looks like it's waiting for a bus.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 03.12.07
we have fences like these to, the US Army is on one side, and we on the other. Is this perhaps the place where the Belgian army is hiding? commented on 03.21.02
looks like it is heading in...poor thing, all alone commented on 03.19.02
Could it be an old Hippie? Usually they were on the side of the road with tofu and futons. Did you see any tofu? commented on 03.18.02
Yes, it's escaping from mattress jail! commented on 03.17.02
I heard that, too! Is it a mere coincidence that there is a fence, topped with what appears to be razor wiring, next to the mattress? Looks like a high security area to me! commented on 03.06.02
Looks like someones sleeping in it still. :) Wasn't there a serial killer on the loose where you live?