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In 'N Out Mat - 08.24.10
submitter: Kara
location:Vacaville, CA
At the famous In 'N Out Burger and saw this mat getting some fresh air.
category:Mats on da Move


Smart Set commented on 09.08.10

wim commented on 09.07.10
you live on the wild SideS

Smart Set commented on 09.07.10
Just a wild gueSS.

wim commented on 09.07.10
how do you know, SS?

Smart Set commented on 09.06.10
Perhaps you submitted one twice. You should have received an email explaining why the pic was rejected.

Kara commented on 09.06.10
No onion rings.. Their famous side dish is their fries. They peel and cut the potatoes right in front of you then put them in the fryer. They're soo good! One of my pics is missing?

wim commented on 08.24.10
another one missing, one of Kara's? 877

wim commented on 08.24.10
they serve with onions rings, don't they?