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Wow.. - 05.19.11
submitter: Kara
location:I-80 East Bay, California
Now this is a dude on a mission. I wasn't sure whether to be scared or laugh hysterically when I came across this specimen, so I just snapped a photo and moved on.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 05.21.11
that's the place where I live, on the road and trying not to get flashed

Kara commented on 05.21.11
haha Wim.. You would have seen a whole lot of redneck trash (his cargo) all over the freeway if there was no speed limit.

Bill & Alice commented on 05.20.11
Nice shot Kara

wim commented on 05.20.11
at european no-speed-limits this would be a mission impossible