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Fancy Mat - 05.25.12
submitter: Kara
location:Sonoma, CA
This mat appears to be quite the wine aficionado, living the good life outdoors in beautiful Sonoma, CA.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 05.26.12
what if the matt is standing up? would the longing side be on the other side?

Smart Set commented on 05.26.12
Are the files too big? Resize them to 640pixels longer side.

wim commented on 05.26.12
perhaps all you have to do change the extension to .jpg and not .jpeg

Kara commented on 05.26.12
Going to have my boyfriend help me try to upload them later!

Kara commented on 05.26.12
I have so many that I have to upload, but I am having problems uploading them. :( They are .jpeg's but the site isn't recognizing them. I finally got this one to upload!

wim commented on 05.25.12
even a bit more than a year, where have you been?

wim commented on 05.25.12
hello kara, it has been a while, nice longy