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Howdy Neighbor - 06.29.13
submitter: DVD Dan
location:Costa Mesa, California
Apparently I have some new neighbors. What better way to welcome them than to stalk them via telephoto.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 10.29.13
son, it's those damned hormones

ART-chitect commented on 10.29.13
it seems like I am missing some beautifull mats

EZ commented on 07.17.13
I'm speechless. Great shot!! Congrats on the MOTM!

wim commented on 07.02.13
I have always thought you changed everything : wife, job, home, perceptions, values

wim commented on 07.02.13
if this is what it looks like, just don't worry

DVD Dan commented on 07.02.13
Hey wim, yes it has been a while. Still adjusting to being unyoked and figuring out what this new life chapter is going to look like.

wim commented on 07.02.13
a hopefull motm

Target commented on 06.30.13
They can be my neighbours!!!!

wim commented on 06.30.13
almost 3 years, you must have a lot to tell!

wim commented on 06.30.13
hiwdy hi, dan, good friend, it has been ages, what's up man? you mae some good moves so to see