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submitter: Jaak Graaf van Stokkem
location:Rekem Belgium
Lucky shot, driving with one hand trying to make a pic, and a nice cloudy sky.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 09.12.13
let's ask "it", it would be fine if he was a she, after all, rebecca was our queen for years, and let us not forget all the other women submitters

Smart Set commented on 09.12.13
I thought he was a she.

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 09.12.13
Lets give it a try.

wim commented on 09.12.13
on to 3333 ?

wim commented on 09.12.13
not at all, he is doing fine

Smart Set commented on 09.12.13
Would you wish to slow EZ's march towards the top?

wim commented on 09.12.13
jaak, they did not wait for us

wim commented on 09.11.13
let's keep this one up for a while

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 09.11.13
Thanks Wim for slowing down.

Smart Set commented on 09.10.13
Double congrats. I see the foxes/wolves.

wim commented on 09.10.13
and of corse, congrats on the mdM

wim commented on 09.10.13
congratulations Jaak, I was hoping yould do it, that's why I slowed down

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 09.10.13
Waaw thank you an *MdM* so unexpected and sorry Wim it's my #410 and #3000 belgian matt