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Election Day - 11.07.03
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Bellingham, Wa, USA
Early in the morning, before the polls opened and before the garbage man came, the dark horse canditate emerged.
category:Seen Worse


Rotten Scalyfish commented on 11.09.03
It's good to be back. For some time I turned my back on the work of mattress hunting. Ultimately, it was my deep passion for discarded mattresses that started long before that brought me back.

wim commented on 11.08.03
solly, ChlistineLalsen, no offense meant, aftel this ently I plomise nevel to do it again, as Dilty Steve's blight light is thele

dirty steve commented on 11.08.03
the bright light is there.

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.08.03
Wim, is the "r" broken on your keyboard, or is that an attempt at an accent?

wim commented on 11.07.03
as the chinese answeled to the plesedint when he asked "Do chinese have elections?" "Yes, evely day." It is gleat to heal flom you, Lotten.

DVD Dan commented on 11.07.03
Welcome back Rotten