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Higher Than a Honda - 03.15.04
submitter: The Minister
location:Surrey, BC, Canada
My God! The name on the doghouse is 'Sumer'. I love it. I think I just figured out the name of my next dog.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 03.16.04
I prefer an expession of my own : A few mau mau hm oekeba"

The Minister commented on 03.16.04
If I had a fish... 'Ea.'- He whose house is water.

Rebecca commented on 03.16.04
How about "cuneiform"?

The Minister commented on 03.16.04
Yes, except in Sumer it's ziggurat, another word I like... don't mind me.

Rebecca commented on 03.15.04
Sure, pyramidically.

wim commented on 03.15.04
piramidical ? can I phone ?

Rebecca commented on 03.15.04
Wim I think he's talking about ancient Sumerian dogs.

wim commented on 03.15.04
sunds like "ho time, sumer in the city ", perhaps it is just plain canadian, the english version of their french

Rebecca commented on 03.15.04
That is an excellent dog name. I used to know someone who had a kitten named "caffeine" and I always though it was a great name. For different reasons I suppose.