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Moss mat - 03.15.04
submitter: Pablo
location:Shalford, Surrey. UK.
Moss grows on the East side of the mat.
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 12.12.09
this is sheer beauty, one can imagine how the winter wrens fly in and out. They do right now in front of my window

guess who commented on 05.06.04
lemme be tha first to say ewwww and tha second to say Omigod

honey commented on 03.28.04
it would give off a wilderness touch

Lindsay commented on 03.20.04
It would probably be pretty soft to sleep on. Disgusting, but soft.

Obscura commented on 03.18.04
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

blue commented on 03.17.04
I wonder if it's been there a long time?

ChristineLarsen commented on 03.17.04
Nigel, it's probably a bag from the film that was being used when they did a photo shoot for a wedding there.

Nigel Wilson commented on 03.16.04
One question that comes to mind, what is in it's shopping bag, moss killer ?

The Minister commented on 03.16.04
Being from Vancouver, I feel I can honestly say, " That... is beautiful moss."

Rebecca commented on 03.16.04
I want to be the first to say...Omigod!!