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Mattress Sex - 07.04.04
submitter: Gabriel Vallejo
location:San Antonio, TX
mattress between palm tree fallings


wim commented on 05.07.10
it looks like something to eat or be eaten

MacDonald commented on 11.20.07
This gives me some ideas for my next superbigMac!

blah commented on 08.17.06

Smart Set commented on 01.25.05
Vogon, I read your ironing pun with de-creasing amusement...

Vogon3 commented on 01.25.05
you had a presssing engagement

Smart Set commented on 01.25.05
I'm a bit late - been ironing.

Vogon3 commented on 01.25.05
Ah Smart set online?

Smart Set commented on 01.25.05
I agree.

Vogon3 commented on 01.25.05
This should have been a "de milo"

blue commented on 07.07.04
Reminds me of one of our neighborhood hobos(er um,I mean domicile challenged people) with the crazy hair and shaggy beard.

FOD40UK commented on 07.06.04
I was thinking more"hula-hula matt"(welcome to Hawaai)but now i've read your comment Rebecca,I can see exactly what you mean(hope I dont have B-movie nightmares-again!)

Rebecca commented on 07.06.04
This resembles some very strange and creepy big-lipped monster from a low budget 60s horror movie.