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Wayside - 10.14.04
submitter: Rebecca
location:Hwy. 165 between Hilmar & Turlock, CA
This was one of the last signs of civilization before the dreaded Bugstorm began.


wim commented on 08.22.10
that's what they all say, no wonder Rebecca stopped submitting

Rebecca commented on 02.03.06
Apparently a man from Salida was stabbed Saturday night in front of one of our bigger local night clubs. I didn't do it.

Rebecca commented on 01.30.06
The Spanish of course - this is California, after all.

Smart Set commented on 01.30.06
Spanish "salir" or French "salir"?

Rebecca commented on 01.30.06
It's from "salir."

Smart Set commented on 01.30.06
The name "Salida" sounds as though it derives from "salo"...

Rebecca commented on 01.30.06
But it looks like maybe I never found any mattresses there. Could be a good excuse for a field trip. Actually there's a lot worse towns than Turlock (like Keyes or Salida), but the name just sounds so great.

Rebecca commented on 01.30.06
The towns all sort of blend together but I'm sure I got a lot closer to Turlock than this.

Smart Set commented on 01.30.06
Apparently you need a bicycle licence in Turlock, and permits to hold a garage sale or fire a model rocket.

Dr Watson commented on 01.30.06
I see some Turlock homes in the background...

Smart Set commented on 01.30.06
Is this the closest you ever got to Turlock?

FOD40UK commented on 10.15.04