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Splainin - 10.31.04
submitter: Rebecca
location:Los Angeles, CA
I had to do some fast talking to get the local residents to allow this photo. They were highly suspicious and watchful. Then they wanted to know if I made any money taking mattress pictures.
category:The Untouchables!


Chaf commented on 12.26.04
"I want a nasty little mattress princess, la la la..."

wim commented on 12.19.04
I cannot figure Frank Zappa in Lederhosen, I had a friend once who was a zappalook-a-like, but he crashed in his mid 30's with a motorbike

Rebecca commented on 12.19.04
Very cleaver, I mean clever!

Vogon3 commented on 12.19.04

Vogon3 commented on 12.19.04
weazels ripped my futon

Smart Set commented on 12.19.04
If had been around in his lifetime, I think he would definitely have written a song about it/you.

Rebecca commented on 12.19.04
It was Laurel Canyon (I went to kindergarten in Hollywood). As I recall he lived down on the corner. I think I saw him taking out the trash one time, when I peeked under the hedge to spy on him. The Bee Gees lived up the road but that wasn't quite as interesting.

Smart Set commented on 12.19.04
Wow! Was that in Cucamonga?

Rebecca commented on 12.19.04
I used to live uo the street from him when I was a kid, and he said "brown futons don't make it."

Smart Set commented on 12.18.04
Dancin' Futons - that was a Zappa song, right?

Rebecca commented on 12.18.04
Well, that's the funny part. They seem to be doing some sort of folk dance in lederhosen and little hats. I just can't figure it out.

Smart Set commented on 12.18.04
I guess that must be an occupational hazard for you. What dance do they do, as a matter of interest?

Rebecca commented on 12.18.04
It was, and yes I see many. Sometimes I just have visions of futons dancing in front of my eyes all the time.

Smart Set commented on 12.17.04
It's just struck me that that looks a bit like a futon. Was it, and do you see many futons in the course of your wanderings?

Rebecca commented on 12.17.04
So true, but I was willing to take the risk in the name of quality. I don't know what's wrong with me, I must be a little crazy.

Smart Set commented on 12.17.04
Wouldn't it have been less risky to have done a drive-by shoot? I mean, when in Rome...

dirty steve commented on 11.04.04
i need to see 600 more!!!

Rebecca commented on 11.04.04
Thanks everyone. The pink princess on the right was petrified and stared in silence. Her older protector and spokesman confronted me and stayed out of the picture. The kids beyond ran away as soon as I got out of my car. And the looming figure in the upper left went unnoticed until after I had my shot. I think he was the hit man.

FOD40UK commented on 11.04.04
Perhaps they're running home for their autograph books.Its not evryday that the great Rebecca visits your *hood*

noel commented on 11.03.04
And why are these other people running away?

noel commented on 11.03.04
mattress princess? Is that the one one the right?

FOD40UK commented on 11.03.04
600?-CRIKEY!! I bow at the feet of our mattress princess...!

wim commented on 11.03.04
boy o boy o boy, can you give me another sign of life?

DVD Dan commented on 11.03.04
Congrats .... you be careful out there.

noel commented on 11.02.04
600 plus, wow