mattress counter
with sofas - 08.28.02
submitter: doris
location:back of fraternity house Miami U(oh)
I didn't think mattresses would socialize with sofas, who knew.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 12.26.07
if you got miscellaneous presents

Kevin37uk commented on 02.23.03
Wow the lost land where soafs and mattress go to die.

AWESOME commented on 02.20.03
I love it how ! This mattress can make a baby with the sofa and make something of supreme confort!!!! DAMN >>.

ChristineL. commented on 09.01.02
You know how it is--after a few beers, you'll talk to anyone. commented on 08.30.02
You think this is bad you should see the house, no walls, windows or doors. The place is now the new dump.