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Inspiration - 01.08.05
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Bellingham, Wa, USA
It's been a long time since my last submission. This was too much to pass up.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


Rotten Scalyfish commented on 01.17.05
Yes, last night I found myself skiing down the middle of the street...snow, followed by a bit of freezing rain made for superb driving conditions. Today, however, has brought warmer temperatures and a thaw.

wim commented on 01.17.05
I made my child in the '70s, he is one comment below this one

ChristineLarsen commented on 01.16.05
Oh, ok Wim. I was referring to Birmingham, Alabama where Lynard Skynard said they love the Governor. Sorry, everytime I hear the work Birmingham that's what I think of. I'm a child of the '70s.

wim commented on 01.16.05
I have to search, Christine ,if there is somewhere a Birmingham with a governor to love. I am not that familiar withh the British system, but I doubt they have governors. I was refering to Birminham, UK

ChristineLarsen commented on 01.16.05
Not so bad down here, Rotten, but you folks in Bellingham seem to be perpetually covered in that icy wet stuff.

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 01.15.05
Thanks again for the warm welcomes. ART-chitect, No hard feelings, perhaps I'll leap-frog you back, soon. I have scaled back my mattress hunting, so it may be unlikely. Christine, how are you liking this weather?

ChristineLarsen commented on 01.15.05
Hello, neighbor! (Well OK almost a neighbor). Welcome back to the mattress hunt! Wim--are you talking about the Birmingham where they love the governor?

wim commented on 01.14.05
Frank lives in Birmingham right now, perhaps he takes up his old passions one of these days

wim commented on 01.14.05
aaron Carter must be a poor singer, watching his SUV burn, and not taking a picture of the mat!!!!

ART-chitect commented on 01.14.05
fantastic pic, you can feel the tention of all those electric wires and the dog looking for a was hard to catch you up but I hope you don't mind me passing you in the time you went away..greetz!

Vogon3 commented on 01.12.05
A great shot, what is the location looks like a film studio?

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 01.12.05
Thanks, good to see the old crew is all here...with the exception of Frank...

wim commented on 01.12.05
hey scalyfish, wellcome back, nice dog too

dirty steve commented on 01.12.05

Adam commented on 01.12.05