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Lost in France - 05.19.05
submitter: Vogon3
Red matt green feilds
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 05.18.11
for all my freinds and feifs behold the ie has changed to ei

Smart Set commented on 10.04.05
"Romeo, good night: I'll to my truckle-bed; This field-bed is too cold for me to sleep." R & J. Act 2, Scene i.

DVD Dan commented on 06.16.05
Now that's a tough one, fortunately it's not my call. SS's Woo Hoo would make a snappy cover. Maybe 4 images on the cover, or perhaps issue 4 different jackets (collect them all).

FOD40UK commented on 06.16.05
What would you put on the front, Dan?

DVD Dan commented on 06.16.05
I think we have a contender for the back cover.

Smart Set commented on 06.16.05
Reminds me a bit of matt #982.

Nancy Dumpling commented on 06.15.05
Very pretty. And the matt.

Vogon3 commented on 06.15.05
just outside the village of Lougratte

Nancy Dumpling commented on 06.15.05
Where in France, Vogon?