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Take It All - 11.29.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:Santa Cruz, CA
The sign is so you think they realize how silly it looks next to this nasty old mattress?
category:Beside the Point


wim commented on 12.05.10
the last thing to be taken is the sign itself

forest gump commented on 12.05.05
hey Thmarty, are you taking the pith?

Smart Set commented on 12.03.05
I tried to cheer up a grumpy tree once. I said I bet his favourite actor was Forest Whitaker, but he didn't crack a smile. Then I asked him if he preferred Elijah Wood and he just waved his branches in a threatening manner. Finally I suggested that his bark might be worse than his bite. "Right, that's it!" he snapped, "I'm calling the copse!"

Rebecca commented on 12.02.05
That made me laugh...I wonder if trees have a sense of humor.

Smart Set commented on 11.30.05
The tree doesn't look too happy. Look at the furrowed brow and turned-down mouth. Maybe you could change the sign to read "It's all tree!" and cheer it up.

FOD40UK commented on 11.30.05
Lollipops!...Ice cream!...All free today!