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Intimidation - 06.06.03
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Bellingham, Wa, USA
Go ahead and try to pull out.


wim commented on 09.16.08
don't overdo it, souris, I know why

souris commented on 09.16.08
I'm glad to intimi you, Wim. You know why!

wim commented on 09.15.08
but you intimi me,souris

souris commented on 09.14.08
You're certainly not, Wim!

wim commented on 09.13.08
I am not easy to intimi

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 06.07.03
One final note: It was soft.

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 06.07.03
CONFESSIONAL: Nobody was in the car. The car looked like it hadn't been driven in a few weeks. Under no circumstances would I have allowed the driver, had there been one, to drive over this mattress. I was on my bike when I saw this matt. I rode my bike on the mattress. It bore no ill effects from my actions.

tikifish commented on 06.06.03
Check the 'locations' section - there's a few streetfuton sightings there from Japan!

ChristineL commented on 06.06.03
Leroy, I believe streetfutons are acceptable on here as well. Notice how the sky is covering up the biggest question that comes to mind in this there someone behind the wheel. Surely if there was, Rotten S. would have shouted out, lunged forward, or at least distracted the driver from driving over the streetmattress. Only Rotten S. knows for sure, and he/she may be tight lipped about this one (for fear of retaliatino).

Leroy commented on 06.06.03
Hey! Save that mat from its impending distruction. I just moved to Japan, do you know how hard it is to find those things over here? Would a street futon be eligible?