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The Getaway! - 04.06.11
submitter: Kara
location:Vacaville, CA
On my way home, pretty late at night, I stopped at a grocery store to get a couple quick things. The parking lot was almost empty, except for the truck with this pair in the back! I tried to get a photo when the truck was parked, but the parking lot lights were really bright. To my delight, when I exited the store the truck/mat owner was leaving. I quickly loaded my items and followed them, getting this beautiful exit photo!
category:Mats on da Move


Bill commented on 04.11.11
Nice work Kara.

wim commented on 04.06.11
soon over mathew james brown, don't let tehm get away, Kara

wim commented on 04.06.11
you risk getting arrested, taking pictures of a pair in the back