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Sisyphus - 05.07.05
submitter: Rebecca
location:San Francisco, CA
This guy seemed to be working pretty hard - the look of determination on his face was great.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 04.22.11
he has everything, butt and smile

Nancy Dumpling commented on 06.03.05
Breathless indeed! Very good SS!

Rebecca commented on 06.02.05
Well, we did eat crepes soon afterwards.

Smart Set commented on 06.02.05
"À bout de souffle"? ;¬)

Nancy Dumpling commented on 06.02.05
Reminds me of a French film....

Smart Set commented on 06.02.05
You're right, ND. This one has grown on me.

Nancy Dumpling commented on 06.01.05
Rebecca - I love this shot! Can't find a cool comment to make but just like this so much.

Rebecca commented on 05.30.05
It's just a habit.

ART commented on 05.30.05
why the bluriness on the licenseplate? can't really understand why you would do such a thing