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Used and Abused - 12.12.02
submitter: Will
location:St Machar Academy, Aberdeen, Scotland
Our school's very own mattress; used, abused, and refused to be moved by Aberdeen Council.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 12.16.19
so did I when I was young

Drew commented on 11.28.19
They are still there , pointing after all these years . They do this every day .

wim commented on 04.12.08
why not make this 45,my first painting in a series of 100

banff man commented on 06.18.06
Let he who is without sin cast the first stain.

Jay Bale commented on 02.09.04
What a proud catch!

Lindsay commented on 01.12.04
Justin doesn't get it.

yo gurl, snoopy commented on 01.04.04
wow. a cult standing around a mattress. and i thought i had no life!!!

Justin commented on 01.01.04

Sunnydazeuk commented on 09.02.03
Looks like some kind of cult! ;)

Grand mufti commented on 08.07.03
Seems like a load of old matresses to me mate

Milo commented on 05.31.03
So where does a mattress go when it leaves the street?

Sophie commented on 05.15.03
ok then, wots with the pointing we can all see the mattress.

Ben commented on 03.15.03
Hey looks like a popular mattress, maybe Aberdeen council know how much support it has gotten and won't remove it due too public demand to keep it?

Kevin37UK commented on 02.15.03
Now if you'd just all hold hands you could hold a mattress seance and communicate with it from the other side.

Edward commented on 01.24.03
Who is the bender in the middle.

no 1 commented on 01.10.03
what a bouncy castle

Michael R commented on 01.10.03
WOW thats great use of people pointing one of the best mattress on this site - oh yea

Franco Pernoli commented on 01.09.03
What a luck to loose your virginity on such a nice spot and so early. The longer you would have waited the more bitterness would have stagnated in your hearts.

the man commented on 01.08.03
and this is were we lost are virginity

Maarten69 commented on 01.07.03
A new chapter in the Blair Witch project, I presume.

colonel Craig commented on 01.06.03
I saw this last night. It is mouldy now.

colonel Craig commented on 01.06.03
Still in it's place. It is a landmark of Bedford.

Greg commented on 12.24.02
You should of walked through Bedford, there will be loads of mattresses there

Mrs Taylor commented on 12.18.02
Well Steven Wilson what do you get up to when you are supposed to do homework for Adminstration. commented on 12.18.02
Isn't that the school Harry Potter goes to? Maybe they are about to cast a spell and take the matt for a drive.

mackeroo commented on 12.18.02
fandabydozi !!!

Gandalf commented on 12.17.02
Fellowship of the Mattress.

Ice Book commented on 12.17.02

Gubbage commented on 12.17.02
Aright min lads :) . pure comedy godness.

Unemployed Junkie commented on 12.17.02
My hoose is in the background, fit u deein takin photos of me hoose!

Milner commented on 12.17.02
Why r u pointing at my house?

Miss Gray commented on 12.17.02
You boys are very sad and need a life. I hope you are looking after my class in my absence!

Stalsie commented on 12.17.02
The most legendary

Rossco commented on 12.17.02
Sheer briliance

A Mattress huh? commented on 12.15.02
:S... I'm pretty lost on this request from you you are posting entries on an abused mattress? :S...*sigh* *Hugs for my lil bro* *sometimes i just dont getcha!* *peace out* and love from Tx.

Will commented on 12.15.02
Anything better to do...!? During school hours!? Och, g'wa!

kirsty commented on 12.14.02
what a borin picture hav u 4 not got anythin better to do

Glenn Fiddich commented on 12.14.02
We want more Scotish mattresses

Killer commented on 12.13.02
4 Scottish school lads point to the exact location where each was conceived after a night of heavy drinking

Edgar commented on 12.13.02
Wilfred far's all Reilly's comments? I am the man in black on the left for those interested ;)

Firefighter 2008 commented on 12.13.02
Burn it and watch the green goddes's chug along. GIVE US A PAY RISE (cool picture)

Wudn't u like to know!!!!! commented on 12.13.02
Sorry forgot to move it a few months ago,,, sorry guys!!!!!

Uncle Jim Jim commented on 12.13.02
Brilliant " the men in black piont to a matress" ultimate in entertertainment. Where is aberdeen - i wanna live there

the great mafoozie commented on 12.13.02
wow, u must be very proud to get ur name on a website, will...

FMA(Federal Mattress Agency) commented on 12.13.02
These r our highly trained matress agents who hav captured a wild mattress and hav imprisoned it for questioning.

Franco Pernoli commented on 12.12.02
The block behind the fence, is that a prison for streetmattresses? Did this one try to escape? Who are those men in black?

noonan commented on 12.12.02